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Fishing & Rental Tools

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We are dealers for the following specialty items:

Johnston Fishing Jars - Johnstonjars is a subsidiary of Key Fishing and Rental. They offer a complete line of hydraulic fishing jars as well as lubricated bumper subs and intensifiers.

Bowen Tools  - Bowen is a subsidiary of National Oilwell Varco. National Oilwell Varco manfactures and sells many of the fishing tools needed for open hole and cased hole fishing. They also carry a complete line of fishing jars and motors.

Bulldog Tools  - Bulldog bailers are used to clean debris and fill out of vertical wells to access perforations or gain more rat hole. Requires a small amounf of fluid to operate. You can rotate the tool with a power swivel to drill out plugs as well as clean out fill.

Applied Bailers - have multiple check valves and are hollow through out allowing us to pull fluid and fill through it. This design doesn’t have a ball and seat to hold hydrostatic weight so we are able to run this tool into the curve of a horizontal well.

NOV Drill Motors - designed to assist in completion and drilling of plugs and ports in horizontal wells. These motors are versatile and can be used on tubing strings or coil tubing.